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Automotive Performance Products

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  1. Motor Flush

    Add to crank case Before Regular Oil change to remove sludge and deposite in only 3 minutes
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  2. Oil Treatment

    We are widely acknowledged as the acknowledged manufacturer and supplier of a superior array of automotive Oil Treatment.
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  3. Fuel Injector Cleaner

    Eliminates poor engine response and hesitation
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  4. Diesel Fuel Treatment

    Conditions fuel, enhances combustion
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  5. Diesel Injector Cleaner

    Stops diesel engine hesitation,Helps remove water from diesel fuel tank
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  6. Carb & Choke Cleaner

    Frees Sticking Manual or Automatic Chokes,Dissolves Harmful Fuel System Deposits
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  7. Radiator Flush

    Quickly Removes Rust, Sludge, Scum and Scale,Helps Prevent Overheating
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  8. Smoke Stop

    Keeps engines running longer and better,Helps stop exhaust smoking and crankcase gases
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  9. Power Steering Fluid

    Keeps system operating smoothly and quietly,Reduces wear and slippage
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  10. Battery Terminal Cleaner

    Foaming Cleaner Prolongs Battery Life,Dissolves and Neutralizes Corrosion
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  11. Battery Terminal Protector

    Provides a Protective Barrier to Inhibit,Corrosion of Battery Terminals and Cable Connectors
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  12. Chain Lube

    Reduces friction and prevents corrosion, Quiets noise, prevents oxidation
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  13. Brake & Brake Parts Cleaner

    Formulated to Clean and Degrease Brakes, CV Joints and Clutch Components without Disassembling
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  14. Car Air Freshener

    Cleans away Mold, Mildew and Fungi, Fast Application - Spray Directly Inside Air Conditioner Vent
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  15. Electronic Contact Cleaner

    Cleans Oil, Grease, Dirt, Condensation and Moisture from Circuit Boards, Electrical Contacts,Switches, Precision Instruments, and more
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  16. 2 Super Red Lithium Grease

    Contains Extreme Pressure Additives for Severe Operating Conditions, Excellent Performance in Temperature Extremes
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  17. 2 Heavy-Duty Lithium Grease

    Lubricates chassis points, wheel bearings and ball joints,Reduces friction and premature wear
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  18. 2 Super Blue Lithium Grease

    Delivers Longer Lasting Performance and Protection, Suitable for Damp Conditions and Marine Applications
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  19. Tropical Formula Engine Coolant Dark Green & Super Red

    Contains Increased Anti-Boil Characteristics, Protects Water Pump Against Impurities
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  20. White Lithium Grease

    Lubricates All Metal Surfaces, Protects Against Rust and Corrosion
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